Performance-Based Lead Gen
For B2B Businesses

10-20 Qualified Calls Per Month On Autopilot

We run personalized outreach campaigns for B2B businesses on a Pay-Per-Call basis

Introducing FireLeads

Performance Based

We only make money if you get results. We're THAT confident in our process

Qualified Calls Only

YOU approve the lead-list.
WE reach out to them and manage the responses

Personalized Messages

Nobody likes spammy sales emails. We craft hyper-personalized outreach emails at scale that prospects love

Book a Free Strategy Session

Book a strategy session with one of our experts to see how we can book you qualified sales calls

How We Work

Complete Our Onboarding Form

After your consultation, the first thing we'll ask you to do is fill out our onboarding form. This will help us better understand your business and craft a successful campaign

Campaign Strategy Call

We will set up your inboxes, build your lead list, and write your personalized outreach messages. Then we will hop on a call and walk you through everything before launching

Campaign Launch

After the lead list and campaign content is approved, our team will launch your campaign. We will now begin booking qualified calls on your calendar

Campaign Optimization

As data comes in from the campaign, we will regularly make adjustments to improve the performance. Expect regular updates from our team throughout the process

Why Choose Us

Unlike other lead generation services - you only pay if it works. We use our Personalized Outreach System to fill your calendar with qualified calls without risking your reputation

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a small monthly fee strictly to cover the costs of operating the system. We make $0 from this fee. Beyond that, you only pay for calls booked where the prospect actually shows up.

We target highly qualified buyers based on information you give us in the onboarding process. You have final approval over the lead list and campaign messaging. You also have the ability to cancel any calls in advance if you think they aren't qualified. All of this together ensures that we're booking you the highest quality calls.

Within 24 hours of completing your onboarding form, you can expect us to complete the initial setup. From there, all email inboxes need to be warmed up for at least 14 days in order to avoid landing in the spam filters and getting flagged by Google. In total you can expect your campaign to be launched within 15 days of completing your onboarding form.

Yes, our team will take care of the entire process from initial setup, inbox management, response handling, and following up to get the most out of every lead.

You will be added to our private Slack where you'll be able to ask our team any questions you may have. Leading up to your campaign launch, we'll provide you with regular updates whenever necessary. After your campaign is launched, we'll provide you with weekly KPI reports, regular check-ins, and notifications whenever a call is booked.

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